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Are you are an outstanding teacher who has thought about entering the Pearson English Global Teacher Award competition? Let Ghazal Parsa, a 2018 teacher award winner, explain why this is an opportunity that you can’t afford to miss!

ghazal parsa1. How has winning the Teacher Award change your life?

This competition changed my life – by change I don’t just mean being offered a better job or introducing me to the world of ELT; what I mean is a very big change in my vision. During that one week experience, I drew the line that I want to follow in my career. I dreamed and I dreamed big!

2. Have you felt more connected to the ELT community as a result of winning the Teacher Award?

Of course. I found many friends from a lot of countries, especially the other winners. As a result of winning the competition, I got to meet some legends in ELT and this made it possible for me to communicate with them much easier.

3. How has your teaching changed (in the past year/ since winning the award)?

I teach with more confidence and I teach with more power in my voice and with more love in my heart. My dream has always been a world where children have access to decent education, and this experience helped me to keep my dream alive forever.

4. What advice would you have for people who are hesitant to enter the Teacher Award competition?

Don’t hesitate! I remember I was too shy to send my video because I thought I wasn’t prepared enough to talk in front of the camera. My sister pushed me and said ‘what lies in your words is what matters- not the way you look’. My advice to all teachers who believe and have their heart in this field is to participate and let yourself shine!

The competition will close on January 4, 2019, so be sure to get your submission in today!

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